Services Offered

The service consists of customer contact calls made by Bajpai Associates staff to your customers. Calls are to collect arrears on overdue accounts or amounts that exceed approved limits. Details of those customers are sent to Bajpai Associates on a daily basis. Bajpai Associates staff contact the customers as a friendly reminder on your behalf to bring the accounts back into order and reconfirm contact details. The outcomes of these calls are returned to you each evening for uploading into your system.

Bajpai Associates offers 3rd party collections services to a variety of industries including all bank and finance company lending facilities, telecommunication, government utilities, councils and a wide variety of commercial credit. Clients representing these industries include Universities, schools, health care, hardware, trade services.

We provides following services:

  • Vehicle Loan Collection Recovery
  • Personal Loan Collection Recovery
  • Credit Card Collection Recovery
  • Home Loan Collection Recovery
  • Mobile Bill Collection Recovery

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